ESP CheckMate! "Emergency Substitute Pilot"

Code: 02AR009

ESP CheckMate!  "Emergency Substitute Pilot"

Product Description


Covers Both Glass Panels As Well As Analogue Gauge Panels.

Our E.S.P. CheckMate - Our "Emergency Substitute Pilot" Checklist. Find out how ESP CheckMate could easily be the difference in saving lives if something happens to the pilot!!

ESP CheckMate was selected by AOPA's Air Safety Institute to be included in their course materials for their Pinch-Hitter course. 

ESP CheckMate is a 1st for Aviation. Our guide could save the lives of you and your passengers by providing the most basic and simplest of terms and procedures to the NON-PILOT, in the unfortunate event the real pilot becomes incapacitated. It assists the NON-PILOT in controlling the aircraft, reaching help on the radio, and if necessary, landing the aircraft. The graphical format makes it easy and comfortable to follow. ESP CheckMate can easily be the difference in the outcome of this most serious type of emergency.

For safety and readability, we are publishing only in 7.5 x 10 size.

I've had the opportunity to look at ESP CheckMate and have passed it around to some of my colleagues.  Without exception, we all believe it is a perfect addition to our Pinch Hitter kit........Richard Hiner, VP of Training, AOPA Air Safety Foundation 

ESP CheckMate! "Emergency Substitute Pilot"

Code: 02AR009