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FAA Safety Award

~   F.A.A. Flight Safety Award   ~
U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration

I can honestly say that the CheckMate
 is the very best I have ever flown with - they should be included in every pilot's flight kit regardless of their experience
. Raul H Diaz, FAA Aviation Safety Inspector-Operations(Retired)

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Thank You For Allowing Us To Play A Role In Your Aviation Safety!

~ 1992 - 2017 ~

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...the most endorsed checklist systems in aviation.

CheckMate 7.81.3 Now Available    See Our List

The FAA has changed the use of the Transponder, AIM, section 4-1-20.  It is recommended to be on and set properly to the appropriate squawk code even when the aircraft is on the ground.

~  Includes ADS-B Checks  ~

~  Updated Radio Frequencies  ~

~  Other Minor Tweaks  ~

New Models

Cessna 180k
Cub Crafters Carbon Cub SS
Cirrus SR22T-G5
Mirage G1000
58- G58 Garmin 1000
Surviving 24 Hours - Revised
Cessna TTx (Coming)


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