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After 50 years in Aviation, I can honestly say that the CheckMate Checklists are the very best I have ever flown with.
This is a quality product that should be included in every pilot's flight kit regardless of his or her experience.
Raul H Diaz, FAA Aviation Safety Inspector-Operations; (Retired)                Click Here For More Opinions 


CheckMate 7.8 Now Available

FAA Updates

The FAA changed the use of the Transponder, AIM, section 4-1-20.  It is recommended to be on and set properly to the appropriate squawk code even when the aircraft is on the ground.

ALL CheckMate single card versions lower than 7.8 should be noted as such in TAXI to set the Transponder to ALT+Sqwk.  It should also be noted to keep this setting AFTER LANDING rather than going to STBY.

Also new is the use of ADS-B, although it will not be mandatory until 2020.  ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast.

All CheckMates v 7.8 will include ADS-B -- ON in the Pre-Taxi section as well as the FAA changes to the use of the Transponder while on the ground.



Cirrus SR22T-G5

Mirage G1000

58 / G58 Garmin 1000

(Estimated Dates)

Malibu Matrix G1000
Early July.

Surviving 24 Hours
Early July.

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