Select below the Piper model you need to order. We can also produce a customized Piper CheckMate for you if your model is not listed here.

Piper Pilot 100i

Piper J3 Cub-65

Piper Super Cub 1750 lb GW

Piper Super Cub 2000 lb GW

Piper Cadet

Piper Colt

Piper Tri-Pacer 125 / Tri-Pacer 135

Piper Tri-Pacer 150 / Tri-Pacer 160

Piper Tomahawk

Piper Cherokee 140

Piper Cherokee 140 w/180 Conversion

Piper Cherokee 160

Piper Cherokee 180

Piper Cherokee Six 260

Piper Cherokee Six 300

Piper Cherokee 235e

Piper Warrior

Piper Warrior II

Piper Warrior III

Piper Challenger / Archer I

Piper Archer II

Piper Archer III - Carbureted

Piper Archer III / Avidyne

Piper Archer III Carbureted G1000

Piper Archer III Fuel Injected G1000

Piper Comanche 180

Piper Comanche 250 (Carb 58-60)

Piper Comanche 250 (Carb.'61-'64)

Piper Comanche 250 Fuel Injected

Piper Comanche 260 B

Piper Comanche 260 C

Piper Comanche 260 C Turbo

Piper Comanche 400

Piper Arrow

Piper Arrow 180

Piper Arrow 200

Piper Arrow II

Piper Arrow III

Piper Arrow III Turbo

Piper Arrow IV

Piper 6X

Piper 6XT

Piper Arrow IV Turbo

Piper 6X G1000

Piper Dakota

Piper Lance

Piper Lance II Turbo

Piper Saratoga (Fixed Gear)

Piper Saratoga SP

Piper Saratoga II HP

Piper Saratoga II TC

Piper Malibu 310

Piper Malibu Matrix w/Avidyne

Piper Mirage 350

Piper Mirage w/Avidyne

Piper Mirage G1000

Piper Apache 160

Piper Seminole

Piper Seneca

Piper Seneca II

Piper Seneca III

Piper Seneca IV

Piper Seneca V

Piper Aztec B

Piper Aztec C / Aztec D

Piper Aztec E

Piper Aztec F

Piper Aztec F Turbo

Piper Navajo 310

Piper Twin Comanche

Piper Navajo 350

Piper Cheyenne II

Piper Meridian