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FAA Safety Award

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Thank You For Allowing Us To Play A Role In Your Aviation Safety!

I can honestly say that the CheckMate
 is the very best I have ever flown with - they should be included in every pilot's flight kit regardless of their experience
. Raul H Diaz, FAA Aviation Safety Inspector-Operations(Retired)

~ 1992 - 2017 ~

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 * We Also Have An Update For All Turbocharged Cirrus Aircraft.

IFR CheckMate®

“We’ve never seen anything quite like it...”
“The methodical, organized flow would be a boon to any instrument student pilot.”
The Aviation Consumer

The first of its kind, the IFR CheckMate® offers both vital primary IFR information and less used, but just as essential, secondary information.

In the IFR environment organization and management lead to smoother, stress-free and safer outcomes. IFR CheckMate
®  will assist you through preflight planning to touch-down on the IFR flight. Whether you are cleared for the complete approach or radar vectored to the FAF, IFR CheckMate®  format will help keep the flight business orderly and functional. It is precise and specific to the different phases of those sometimes precarious flights. You will be reminded when to prepare and look ahead to each phase.

A quick review of IFR CheckMate
® before flight will help you determine pilot and aircraft preparedness and legalities, how to give those greatly appreciated pilot reports on icing and turbulence, and what ATC expects you to do after radio failure; professional information in a concise and orderly manner.

The major topics include: Initial Prep, Required Equipment, Cockpit Prep, After Start, During Taxi, During Runup, Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Descent, Holding, Approach Prep, IAF, Procedure Turn, FAF, Missed Approach, FAA Flight Plan, Equipment Suffixes, Pireps, Holding Entries Diagram, Inspections Required, Alternate Airport Requirements, IFR Alternate Airport Weather Minimums, Two-Way Radio Communications,.......and more.

Works for all aircraft as it is not model specific and is the same price as our single engine checklist. Available in 3 single-card sizes and also available in our Aviation CheckBook format.

* The Aviation CheckBook version will additionally have Approach Light Systems, Pilot Medical Facts, Good IFR Practices, Metar Codes,
a Conversion table, a Temperature Scale, and Airspace Minimums.

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