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Thank You For Allowing Us To Play A Role In Your Aviation Safety!

I can honestly say that the CheckMate
 is the very best I have ever flown with - they should be included in every pilot's flight kit regardless of their experience
. Raul H Diaz, FAA Aviation Safety Inspector-Operations(Retired)

~ 1992 - 2017 ~

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 * We Also Have An Update For All Turbocharged Cirrus Aircraft.

Some Of Our Endorsements...


...Your products do more good to General Aviation (GA) than most products involved.
There is no way you could access the number of lives you have saved or helped greatly
with the thoughtful checklists you have perfected. You are a hidden asset to GA.
Charles Bowser,FAA  D.E.R.
Representative, Retired D.O.D. & N.A.S.A. Flight Test Engineer.


...The Best Checklist Since Airplanes Were Invented.
...Until you try one it's difficult to imagine how much easier it makes checklist usage.                         
Atlantic Flyer

...completely sold on CheckMate.
...they contain more information in one place than we've ever seen.
...keep your eyes open when you get to your local FBO.

...I was so impressed that I took the display for my wife's training.
...a very worthwhile product.
...I compliment you on the fine job you have done.
Phil Boyer, Former President AOPA

...Normally, it is hard to recommend one checklist over another.
However, recently, I received my CheckMate in the mail which was different.
It is amazing how much information can be located on one card and still be readable.
I was highly impressed by what I saw.  
Piper Owner’s Magazine

...put away what you have been using.
...take a tip from the professionals and use a real checklist.
Private Pilot Magazine 

...very comprehensive and practical.
...a worthy contribution to aviation safety.
Rod Machado, National Speaker / National Accident Prevention Counselor
"Flight Instructor of the Year"

...complete, well-organized, and the most helpful aid of their kind.
Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program

...every now and then someone comes along with a better version of a product
...efficient and highly usable device.
...contains virtually all the data desired.
General Aviation News and Flyer

...a colorful and useful presentation.
...tremendous improvement on the factory versions.
AOPA Pilot Magazine

...there is no reason pilots shouldn't treat themselves to a set.
...an important enhancement to safety.
Flight Training Magazine

...will promote safety
…an excellent communicative tool between the pilot and the airplane.
Gregory G. Gorak, "1975 National Flight Instructor of The Year"
National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) "Master Instructor".
Gold Seal CFI, Aviation Safety Speaker, Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics.

...who needs it? any pilot looking for a concise, well-organized, durable checklist.
...what do we think?
...these checklists are fantastic!
Private Pilot Magazine

...as I get new students, you get new customers!
...all the information you need on the back and front of one sheet.
...You have made my job easier over the years and helped me produce some very safe pilots.
    Checkmate is the best!
Jim Trusty, ATP/CFI, was the FAA/Aviation Industry National Flight Instructor of the Year in 1997
and the FAA Regional Aviation Safety Counselor of the Year in 1995 and 2005.

...beautiful pieces of work.
...much handier to use than the 3 page one I made for myself.
...I highly recommend these checklist.    
Piper Short Wing Club

...I have found that the CheckMate checklists are just the right checklist for
the aircraft owners and pilots that I fly with. The checklists are arranged
in the correct and logical order for easy use. With CheckMate checklists available,
there is no excuse for not using a checklist. No flight is so important
that we cannot take time to make it a safe flight!
David Faile, “1999 National Flight Instructor of the Year”.
National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) "Master Instructor".
EAA Technical Counselor & Flight Advisor.
FAA Aviation Safety Counselor.

...We have discovered the most incredible checklist for Cessna 172-182 type aircraft.
...Virtually everything you need on two sides of this single sheet plastic checklist.
Cessna 172 - 182 Club

...Detailed and comprehensive.
IFR Magazine

...It’s professional information in a concise and orderly manner.
...From preflight planning to touchdown, keeps your flight tasks orderly and functional.
Private Pilot Magazine

...Intelligently arranged on a single, two-sided plastic color card.
...Not only does it waltz from preflight through the MAP,
 the checklist allows you to anticipate and prepare for all phases of the flight.
The step-by-step information is right in front of you.
Plane & Pilot Magazine

...We’ve never seen anything quite like it.
...the methodical, organized flow would be a boon to any instrument student or pilot.
The Aviation Consumer

...This checklist just knocked my socks off !!
...I have never seen so much valuable safety information presented in such a handy format !
Marty Snow, Eagle Flight Safety Products

...Another in a long line of innovative, easy-to-use products that makes short work of preparing for the worst! Bring the Survival CheckMate on each and every flight, and then relax - you’re prepared.
Greg Erianne, Ph.D., CFII, Aviation Science Program Coordinator

...There's a new addition to the CheckMate library which many pilots will find indispensable - the Aviation CheckBook. ...It's a great product for a remarkably low price.
Robert N. Cadwalader,  Atlantic Flyer

...Thorough and well-planned.
AOPA Flight Training Magazine

...Here’s something that might save your spouse’s life. 
Wayman Dunlap, Pacific Flyer Magazine

...Each section details how to go about accomplishing the task using language that a layperson can understand. ...The sections are well-thought-out. 
AOPA Pilot Magazine

...Concise, well-organized, easy to understand.
...This checklist just might help save the day.. 
Flying Magazine

...I've had the opportunity to look at ESP CheckMate and have passed it around to some of my colleagues.  Without exception, we all believe it is a perfect addition to our Pinch Hitter kit. 
Richard Hiner, VP of Training, AOPA Air Safety Foundation



About Our Apps


5+ Stars - No other solution that I know meets these requirements: edit on the web, Apple and Android platforms, sharing and printing.

...Private Pilot Magazine


What an awesome application.  Have made modifications and both the iPhone and iPad are synced. Once again...AWESOME. And thanks for getting back to me on the weekend.

... Ron M. (very happy customer)



Excellent app. Very easy to use and very configurable. By far the best aviation checklist app available. Well worth the $.

Two of the things I like most are: 1)  the ease of editing and customizing the checklists.  I have written my own checklists for over 40 years, just so I could use a checklist that has everything I need in the sequence that makes sense to me.  CheckMate gives me that capability - and more - as I transition to a paperless operation.

And 2) the vast amount of information that is logically and easily available, such as the emergency and reference pages.

After looking at other digital checklists, some of which were free, CheckMate is definitely my favorite.  I look forward to using it extensively and often.

Thanks again for the excellent product and excellent service.

..... Mike


The CheckMate Aviation app is a free download is highly recommended and very worthwhile.
 ...Jim, iPad Pilot News

(Note from CheckMate: Our App Is Free To Download. Try our sample checklist before purchasing the checklist for your specific aircraft.)

I just found the iOS versions, bravo! I've been a user of CheckMate for years, and have about 25 different checklists (I am a CFI and always have the checklist for any aircraft in which I teach). 

And thanks for your CFI discount program!!

.... Richard at RT Aviation.


Thanks for the super fast response and taking the time to include screen shots with your notes.  When I bought one of the checklists, I wasn't sure if it would be customizable enough or if I would like it, but for $15 the risk was limited. I immediately saw how excellent this app is. The stock checklist is accurate and thorough and the customization makes it perfect for the specific airplane's configuration. The extra features such as the summary pages and reference pages brings me much closer to a paperless cockpit.

Between the excellent program and your super responsive and clear support - this app is a winner!   Thanks again.  ........Mike

5+ stars No other app that I know  meets these requirements: edit on the web, Apple and Android platforms, sharing, AND printing.  For a year, I settled with another app but it was only hosted in Apple platforms, no print and when I asked them for improvements, they had no intentions to improve it. I then tried a second company which looked promising and asked the developer for a print, but support kept vanishing. A few weeks ago, I bought CheckMate app which was also short of a printing option. I contacted them and unbelievable, they answered within 24 hrs my multiple recommendations of a print  function to multiple format, a user's guide.  In less than three weeks, they upgraded their product, including printing, surpassing my requirements and answering my wishes. 
....Luis Biaggi



Have A Story You Want To Tell?

I purchased a 1965 C182H way across the country in St. Louis and the previous owner had left a well-used CheckMate inside.    I had been using a spiral bound check-list that I made myself up until that time but it was for a 172.   Since I needed a new one I decided to use the CheckMate.
I was soon very impressed with its organization and thoroughness.   It made flying safer.
It was better in every way then what I had used before and the ultimate test would come soon.

Coming home from a coastal flight in the evening during October the engine began to lose power.   Although I had trained for this many times, panic was the first thing I remember as there was absolutely nowhere to land.   The engine further deteriorated and began to sputter.   Something had to be done – but what??   I remembered that the CheckMate had emergency procedures on the back side – though I had never paid much attention before.  Well, I did then.

I immediately executed the Power Loss In Flight checklist … and…after nearly losing the engine and 500 feet…saw “Carb Heat – ON”.  The engine further sputtered and then roared back to life! Now I fly with CheckMate in my hands – or the hands of my passenger – who is briefed on potential problems and the use of the emergency procedure checklists.    Thanks CheckMate!    You are never out of reach.  ....Cliff, Washington


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