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FAA Safety Award

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U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration

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~ 1992 - 2017 ~

Thank You For Allowing Us To Play A Role In Your Aviation Safety!

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I can honestly say that the CheckMate
 is the very best I have ever flown with - they should be included in every pilot's flight kit regardless of their experience
. Raul H Diaz, FAA Aviation Safety Inspector-Operations(Retired)

 * We Also Have An Update For All Turbocharged Cirrus Aircraft.

We Offer 4 Options of Custom/Personalized Printing


1)   Personalized printing of your name and/or tail number, or supplied logo.  (A great “gift” idea for any pilot!)  If you are ordering more than one CheckMate the additional CheckMate may be personalized without additional charge providing it is the identical model, size, and requested information.  If you are purchasing a different size, model, or desire a different name/tail number, you must purchase this option again.  $15  (Not available for CheckBook.) You will be able to personalize your CheckMate after add the model you want to your Shopping Cart.

Individual Sample

2)  Clubs, Groups, FBO's, and Flight Schools can have any number of CheckMates printed for a flat $35 charge. Perfect for aviation companies that want to advertise to pilots every time they fly.

FBO logo sample

3)   Aircraft Dealers can have their customer's name and/or tail number, or their own corporate logo, or both, when delivering an aircraft.  Is there a better way to say “Thank You!” or be remembered for great service?  You must be a certified aircraft dealer, aircraft maintenance facility, pilot shop, etc., to receive this pricing.   $5 each.  

Dealer Sample Custom Individual Sample











4)  We provide Custom CheckMates ranging including from personal preferences to complete design, format, and procedural changes including separate cards for normal and emergency procedures.  Call for pricing.


Custom CheckMates Have Been Produced For Some of The Largest Flight Schools In The Country. We Have Also Produced  OEM* Factory Aircraft Checklists.

(*Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Stuart S51 Mustang
P51 Mustang Replica
 (2 Cards)

We Provide Custom Checklists Ranging From Individual Personal Preferences To Complete Design, Format And Procedural Changes For Flight Schools Including Separate Limitations and Emergency Procedural Cards.

We Can Easily Add or Delete Line Items To Fit Your Individual Wants Or Needs.

Hawker HS-125

Just a few of the custom aircraft checklists we have produced:

Boing 727/767
Caravan 208
Hawker HS-125
Westwind 1124

Custom Sample CMs

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